Hello friends, welcome to my blog! My name is Lily, and I'm 27 years old. I was born and raised in Texas and currently live in California.

I created this blog to share some of my workouts and knowledge in health and fitness. I grew up playing volleyball and competing in track and field from about 3rd grade all the way to college. I also dabbled in basketball (I'm 5'1" lol) and tennis (which I love actually!). At around 16-17 years old, I became fascinated by fitness as a result of wanting to gain weight and get strong. At the time, Instagram and online personalized training programs weren't a thing. I learned human physiology through my anatomy class, analyzed my workouts during sports practices, and performed plenty of research on nutrition and weight-lifting (I particularly remember a "College Football Player" leg workout I found online that I did 3x a week lol!! It helped me grow huge legs haha!).

I began sharing my workouts and fitness journey in 2014, near the end of my college career. Around that time, my workouts entailed lots of lifting and high intensity interval training (HIIT), with some sprint work here and there. Eventually, I attained an IFA personal training certification, which allowed me to work at Gold's Gym for a few months before starting my career as a chemist.

Since then, my fitness journey has evolved. While I still lift heavy weights, I also run long distances, practice yoga, do prehab/rehab (we are not getting any younger y'all! lol), and much more. I embrace the idea of becoming a healthier, more well-rounded athlete.

In January 2019, I took courses taught by some of the best track and field coaches in the country and received a USA Track and Field Level 1 coaching certification. I became the coach and proud owner of LTF, a track and field club for adults. I dream of building this into an adult league with teams of athletes across the country and creating a community through organized competitions. LTF is currently only in Los Angeles (but looking to expand!), and it is something that brings me pure joy.

I hope you enjoy the blog and find my posts helpful and/or entertaining. If you are ever in the LA area, please join us for a workout on the track designed to make you a better athlete. (Visit the @trainwithltf IG for more info.)