Beginner Workout #2

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Hey guys! Here’s a new set of workouts for weeks 3 & 4. Hopefully, you’ve found this plan helpful so far. These are workouts that I’ve personally tried many years ago and still believe in them.

Like the first routine, this one is composed of five days, but the last day is not as “optional” and much more encouraged. The “booty” part can definitely be skipped by those who wish though. As previously mentioned, these workouts are not only for women—the routine is overall a great introduction to the gym and weight-lifting. I would suggest doing this set of workouts for two weeks—in the second week, you can challenge yourself by increasing weight, reducing rest time, improving form, etc. Every exercise can be found on Google if typed as is, but if you have any questions/need videos or tips, just reach out to me via my contact section or at and I’ll gladly help out.



  • Warm-up with at least 10 minutes on the treadmill, elliptical, or even body weight exercises. The key is to break a little sweat and feel warm enough to start working out.
  • In terms of rest days, when needed, I recommend taking a rest day after at least two days of training.
  • Day 5 is optional especially if you’re not used to training as many days in a week, but it will help! It also doesn’t have to be what’s listed—simply an active day (Zumba, hiking, biking, basketball, etc.).
  • SS = superset, meaning you don’t rest after the first exercise (e.g. 3×8 Dumbbell Front Raise SS 3×8 Dumbbell Lateral Raise is 8 front raises followed by 8 lateral raises with no rest in between. Rest after doing the 16 reps; repeat 3 times.)
  • Have fun!


Workout Split:

  1. Chest & Shoulders
  2. Legs
  3. Back & Cardio
  4. Arms, Abs & Plyos
  5. Cardio & Booty



1. Chest & Shoulders

  • 3×8 Barbell Bench Press (moderate to heavy weight)
  • 3×10 DB Flyes on Incline Bench Press SS 3×10 Push-ups
  • 3×8 (each arm) DB Alternating Single Arm Shoulder Press (control core)
  • 3×10 DB Front Raise SS 3×10 DB Lateral Raise
  • 3×10 Car Drivers w/Plate (two turns = 1 rep)

2. Legs

  • 3×8 (each leg) Front Lunge –> Back Lunge –> Squat (same leg moves in each)
  • 3×12 Romanian Deadlifts w/Dumbbells
  • 3×12 Goblet Squats
  • 3×12 Leg Extensions (slow on the way down)
  • 3×10 Squat Jumps SS 30 second Squat Hold

3. Back & Cardio

  • 18 min Stair Master
  • 3×10 Bent-over Rows w/Regular BB or Small BB (depending on strength)
  • 3×8 Wide Grip Lat Pulldown SS 3×8 Reverse Narrow Grip Lat Pulldown
  • 3×10 Push-ups w/DB Rows (5 rows each arm)
  • 3×20 Back Hyperextensions (w/ or w/o plate depending on strength)

4. Arms, Abs & Plyos

  • 3×10 Bicep Curls w/Small BB SS 3×20 seconds Squat Jumps
  • 3×10 Lying Skull Crushers w/EZ Curl Bar SS 3×20 seconds Jumping Alternating Lunges
  • 3×10 DB Hammer Curls SS 3×20 seconds 180 Squat Jumps
  • 3×10 Cable Tricep Pushdowns w/Straight Bar Attachment SS 3×20 seconds Box Toe Taps
  • 3×30 Toe Touches
  • 3×20 (total) Flutter Kicks
  • 60s Plank

5. Cardio & Booty

  • 22-30 min Jog/Cycle/Stair Master
  • 2 rounds:
    • 40 Walking Lunges (bodyweight)
    • 10 each leg Fire Hydrants
    • 10 each leg Donkey Kicks
    • 30 Squat Lateral Shuffles (even amount of steps each direction; try with a band for more of a burn)
    • 12 (total) In/Out Squat Jumps

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