Intense Barbell Complex

Fitness ∙ Tags: , ∙ Posted on: December 9, 2014

Since I have been trying to reset my body both in diet and training, I was performing more full body workouts. I have done this barbell complex (created for me by some friends in a team called “FitGurus” in England) twice already! The second time was yesterday and my time was much better. It is so intense, so be prepared to breathe heavily!

The complex involves 5 exercises–all with the barbell. The weight stays the same for all exercises (so choose wisely–I used 40 lbs), and the bar is never set down.

Warm-up (on treadmill):

  • 4 min walk
  • 6 min jog
  • 3 min mix of lunges, left/right shuffles, high knees, and butt kicks

8 rounds:

  • 10 reps Hang Clean
  • 10 reps Push Press
  • 10 reps Front Squat
  • 10 reps Bent Over Row
  • 10 reps Wide Grip Upright Row

For those who feel a little out of shape, try doing 4 rounds at first. Don’t get discouraged! Workouts never get easier, you just get better! 😉

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