Intermediate Workout #1

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As mentioned in the Beginner Workout #1 post, I will posting workout routines dedicated to different levels of fitness (beginner, intermediate, advanced). In this post, you’ll find the intermediate one, which is composed of a five day split. And once again, these workouts can be done by both men and women.

The differences between the beginner and intermediate levels are: the types of exercises, repetitions, and intensity. In the intermediate workouts, some of the exercises require more control and more attention to form. Additionally, these workouts include a few more supersets than the beginner workouts do. There’s also a day for High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), where plyos and circuits are incorporated for cardio. Overall, the intermediate is not extremely hard or far more advanced than beginner, but it does require some more experience in the gym, some conditioning and more body awareness.

With that said…below is the first Intermediate Workout! Like the previous post, I would suggest doing this set of workouts for two weeks before changing it up—in the second week, you can challenge yourself by increasing weight, reducing rest time, improving form, etc. Every exercise can be found on Google if typed as is, but if you have any questions/need videos or tips, just reach out to me via my contact section or at and I’ll gladly help out :).


  • Warm-up with at least 10 minutes on the treadmill, bike, or even body weight exercises. I usually suggest running a mile as a warm-up (I do this myself every day that I train). The key is to break a little sweat and feel warm enough to start working out.
  • In terms of rest days, when needed, I recommend taking a rest day after at least two days of training.
  • Day 2 is called “Legs & Glutes” but both men and women can do it. I mean who doesn’t want a good butt?! Lol jk, but on the real, the bum does need to be trained too for balance and lower body strength and agility.
  • On Day 3 (Cardio, Plyos & Abs), the goal is to do each circuit round straight through with no rest. You rest a little (1-2 mins) in between rounds and a little longer (3-4 mins) in between circuits.
  • On Day 4 (Back & Biceps), AMRAP = as many reps as possible.
  • I hope this helps! Have fun!

Workout Split:

  1. Chest & Triceps
  2. Legs & Glutes
  3. Cardio, Plyos & Abs
  4. Back & Biceps
  5. Shoulders & Cardio


1. Chest & Triceps:

  • 4×8-10 Incline BB Bench Press
  • 3×10 DB Flyes on Flat Bench SS 3×10 Push-ups
  • 3×10 Lying Skull Crushers w/EZ Curl Bar SS 3×10 Quick Presses w/(same) EZ Curl Bar
  • 3×10 Cable Single Arm Reverse Grip Tricep Pulldowns
  • AMRAP Tricep Hanging Dips (or Dips on a bench with feet elevated on another bench)

2. Legs & Glutes:

  • 5×10 BB Deep Squats
  • 3×12 BB Romanian Deadlifts
  • 3×12 Close Stance (Machine) Hack Squats SS 3x30s Squat Hold (off machine/on ground)
    • if the hack machine is not available in your gym, do leg presses instead
  • 3×12 DB Sumo Squats SS 3x30s Squat Jumps
  • 50 Bodyweight Walking Lunges

3. Cardio, Plyos, & Abs:

  • 1/2 mile in under 4.5 minutes or 2-1/4 miles in under 2 minutes each
  • Circuit 1 – 3 rounds:
    • 12 Burpees
    • 12 Box Jumps
    • 20 Mountain Climbers
  • Circuit 2 – 3 rounds:
    • 20 Plank Shoulder Taps
    • 20 Lunge Jumps
    • 20 Plank Ski Jumps
  • Circuit 3 – 3 rounds:
    • 12 Incline Push-ups w/Clap
    • 30 Toe Taps
    • 16 Bench Jumps Overs
  • 1/2 mile run Cool Down

4. Back & Biceps:

  • 3xAMRAP Pull-ups (assisted or non-assisted)
  • 3×10 Overhand Grip Bent-over BB Rows
  • 3×15 Cable Straight Arm Pulldowns w/Straight Bar Attachment
  • 3×12 Seated Cable Rows w/V-bar attachment
  • 3×10 DB Bicep Curls on Incline Bench (simultaneous)
  • 3×10 Seated Hammer Curls
  • 2×15 Cable Curls w/Straight Bar Attachment (slow on the way down)

5. Shoulders & Cardio:

  • 1.5 mile run under 14 mins (no need to do warm-up; this is kind basically your warm-up; just lightly jog/walk before this run)
  • 4×6 Standing Military Press (do not use legs!)
  • 3×12 DB Shoulder Press
  • 3×12 Single Arm BB Press
  • 3×10 DB Lateral Raise SS 3×10 Bent-over DB Rear Delt Raise (palms facing towards legs)

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