Killer Leggy/Booty Day!

Fitness ∙ Tags: , ∙ Posted on: August 16, 2014

So yesterday, I did an awesome leg/gluteus workout that left me quite sore and with abs showing even right after downing about 30 grams of protein and a big salad lol. It was so intense my clothes were so soaked after the workout. Mind you, I ran 1.5 miles before the workout just to get to the gym, which might have added to the intensiveness, BUT the lift definitely left me sore!

It seems long, but I took 1 hour to complete the entire lift. And I did not go too heavy because I was focusing on getting all those reps in for more muscle definition! In light blue, you will see the weight I used.


  • 4×15 Regular Barbell Squat @135 lbs
  • 4×10 Regular Barbell Deadlift @155 lbs
  • 4×15 (each leg) Barbell Reverse Lunge @65 lbs
  • 4×20 Barbell Overhead Squat @45 lbs
  • 3×15 Side Single Leg Press on Seated Leg Press Machine @35 lbs (varies with machines)
  • 3×20 Kettlebell Sumo Squats on Elevated Boxes @25 lbs

I hope you try this workout on your next leg day and let me know how it goes! 🙂

– luluflex 

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