Leg Destruction

Fitness ∙ Tags: ∙ Posted on: December 11, 2014

Well, hello my fellow LuluFlexers!

Yesterday, was LEG DAY. It wasn’t a typical leg day though. It felt like it was never ending, and it had me huffin’ and puffin’ the entire time.

The goal of the workout was to complete 1000 reps of any of the three exercises listed below. The order of the exercises and the number of reps per exercise were irrelevant–all reps just had to be completed. The weight I used is shown in light blue.

  • Back Squats – @95 lbs
  • Stiff Legged Deadlifts – @100 lbs
  • Walking Lunges – @40 lbs

Now, I hope you all have noticed that I like to be very honest about my healthy lifestyle/journey. I have good and bad days (even weeks sometimes), and I’m not shy to share my experiences. It helps me learn from them, and I think it helps others too. With that said, I was actually unable to complete 1000 reps. I merely performed 500 for two reasons. Firstly, just 500 reps (excluding warm-up) took me 75 minutes. Additionally. I was slightly bored with the repetition. However, I definitely wouldn’t say I failed *shaking head firmly*. In fact, I think I did quite well, and I love how sore I am today (haha).

The point is simply to push yourself. Push yourself to do YOUR best. I challenge you all to try this workout! Comment on this blog with your stats and how it went for you!

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