LuluFlex Program Week 4

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Hello LuluFlexers!

This week I changed up my workouts a bit because I wanted even MORE variety!! I added track workouts weekly, and in just one week, I felt my abs and legs tighten up!

You will see that these workouts are track AND weight-lifting. For those who do not want to go to the track, the lifts are good enough for results and do not require additional work other than a good warm-up and/or cardio on some days. For those who do not want to lift, the track workouts are also good enough, but I suggest including some bodyweight work afterwards! You can also split up the track and lifting by doing part one in the morning and part two in the afternoon, or even only track on some days and weight-lifting on others. I personally just do it all at once, but for me, the gym is right in front of the track!

Please do email me if you can any more specific questions since I know track work is not common for everyone!

Workout Split:

  1. Track, Shoulders & Legs (somewhat of a full-body workout, legs are light)
  2. Track & Legs
  3. Track, Chest & Back
  4. Track & Glutes (altered for men)
  5. Track & Shoulders


Shoulder Bombs link:





Enjoy! Also……



Hashtag #luluflex if you try any of these workouts!

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