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Fitness ∙ Tags: , , , ∙ Posted on: December 15, 2014

For a while now, I’ve been trying various types of workouts, attempting to learn what works best for my body and what keeps me motivated. I find that I enjoy doing non-repetitive workouts, sweating a lot, and leaving the gym feeling strong. Although, I can enjoy split workouts that target certain muscles each day, it eventually gets too repetitive for me. Not to mention, I don’t love “cardio day” or doing cardio and a lift on the same day because then I take too long at the gym.

Because of that, I have created a workout program for myself and for you all that still targets upper and lower body parts on alternating days but also involves explosive exercises such as various types of jumps, olympic lifts, and runs. These types of workouts are perfect for building strength, developing muscle, and burning fat. By doing these types of workouts, a “cardio day” is no longer necessary!

I want to share this experience with everybody; therefore, I have decided to post my weekly routines for everyone to join. Check below for the first week’s workout and notes :).


  • I included a “booty section” on some days. It is optional for men (and women, I guess) but I recommend it!
  • Warm up for about 10-15 minutes anywhere–on the treadmill, track, pavement or even open space in the gym. Allow yourself to sweat a little bit prior to beginning the workout. Run, jump, do push-ups, do air squats or any other “bodyweight” exercise.
  • I normally like to do 6 days of physical activity–or at least try. I choose to run, play volleyball, hike, etc. on one of those days.
  • If any questions come up, please feel free to contact me through my blog or by email at I will gladly send videos and tips on how to do certain exercises.
  • Don’t forget that nutrition is VERY important–regardless of whether you want to transform or maintain.

Workout Split:

  1. Legs & Booty
  2. Chest & Shoulders
  3. Full Body Conditioning
  4. Legs & Booty
  5. Back & Shoulders






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