My First Two Weeks at Intel

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Like I mentioned before, I recently graduated from MIT in June, and it was quite the journey! Thankfully, I graduated with a job set up at Intel, in Chandler, AZ, as a Process Engineer. And today marks the end of my first two weeks at the job!

It’s been quite the change. I will start with the fact that I have been living in a hotel for 20 days because my apartment is not ready until Monday! I also do not have a car, so I have been running, biking, Uber-ing, and Holiday Inn shuttle-ing it everywhere I need to go! Trust me, it’s been a struggle, but it’s almost over, and I will finally have a car on Saturday! On the plus side, I have been getting some exercise and an intense tan from all the running I have had to do. Haha. Additionally, the wait for my future apartment is so worth it. Check out how beautiful my apartment complex is! I will post more pictures once I move in. 🙂


Work, on the other hand, has been great so far! I got a real cool Intel badge along with an Intel Fabrication Lab badge! I definitely feel awesome.


On my fourth day at work, I won a laptop… Crazy, right? Let me tell you, these are the times when being outgoing and ambitious come in handy. During the first week, I di
dn’t have many emails in my inbox. So whenever I received one, it really stood out to me. I saw one about a forum Intel has monthly, and I decided to attend just to get a feel of what working there is like, and to my surprise, it paid off! I won a really cool laptop that turns into a tablet! It’s called Yoga :P.

After the first week, I finally began going into the lab and meeting coworkers. So I now feel a little more acquainted. 🙂 There’s still much more to learn, but it’s been a great start! Food so far has been good at Intel. I try to keep it healthy since it’s really easy to get tempted to eat the quesadillas, burgers, and calzones from the café! Lol! One of my favorite meals was grilled chicken topped with peach and green beans on a bed of black rice and some avocado. How delicious does that sound?!

As far as working out, I have been kind of all over the place. I do not have a formal gym membership at the moment, and my hotel is getting renovated so the fitness center is out of order. SO, during my first week in Arizona, I tried this AWESOME mixed workout class at a place called Studio Fit that was only a mile away from my hotel. There, I did everything from powerlifting to HIIT and even yoga! The classes were a lot of fun and have inspired me to join something of that sort once I move in to my apartment. I might go back and buy a membership there, but I’m not sure yet. I still want more heavy lifting involved so next week, I’ll likely be trying CrossFit! 😉 I also went to the gym at Intel a few times and the LA Fitness down the street (~1.5 miles away) since my hotel has a temporary membership with them! Even though I have not been lifting for any specific “aesthetic” goals, I’ve been enjoying varying my workouts to simply stay healthy.


My boyfriend is visiting today, so that is probably the most exciting part of my week! I’m so glad he’s coming to visit! He’s going to help me buy a car and move in to my apartment. I’ll continue posting about my experiences at work and the variety in my workouts. I’m especially excited to start posting recipes once I move in and begin cooking! Keep an eye out for those.

Anyways, I’ll be back. For now, keep exercising, eating healthy, and flexing!

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