Power Legs

Fitness ∙ Tags: , ∙ Posted on: September 25, 2014

This workout focuses on legs, and it involves some explosive plyometrics. It’s a short workout, but you will likely be soaked by the end of it. The warm-up involves sprint intervals, which will really help warm-up the legs for these type of exercises. Dynamic stretching on leg days, particularly, is crucial in order to avoid injuries. Remember to not rest in a superset!


  • Sprint – Jog intervals 30s on/off for 8 minutes
  • DYNAMIC Stretching!


  • 4×12 BB Back Squat SS 4×12 Box Jumps
  • 4×12 BB Back Squat into Good Morning SS 4×60 seconds of Russian Kettlebell Swings
  • 4×12 (each Leg) Single Leg Curl SS 4x60s Wall Sit

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