Sun’s Out, Guns Out

Fitness ∙ Tags: , , ∙ Posted on: September 25, 2014

This arm workout is fairly effective. It includes a good amount of concentration exercises to really burn the arm muscles. I like to include a little bit of cardio on these days because otherwise, I feel like a Dorito just working out my upper body lol. I also confess that I am not a fan of arm day because it seems slow to me and I personally prefer explosiveness! Lol. However, I think one should try to be balanced; so don’t skip arm day! 🙂

Warm-up: Sprint – Jog Intervals (1 min on/off for 10 mins)


  • 4×12 EZ Curl Bar Preacher Curls
  • 4×12 Simultaneous DB Hammer Curls
  • 3×15 Lateral Cable Bicep Curls
  • 4×12 EZ Curl Bar Skull Crushers
  • 4×12 Dips w/Plate (Hands and Feet elevated)
  • 3×15 Cable Push-downs w/Rope Attachment

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