Superset Craze

Fitness ∙ Tags: , ∙ Posted on: September 25, 2014

This is an awesome chest & shoulder workout. It burns like crazy! Do weight that is heavy but doable for the amount of reps involved (leave your ego at the door :P). It ends up being a great 1 hour workout. As a warm up, I listed an 8-10 minute row, which will help warm-up the upper body. If there’s no rowing machine available, do a 10 minute run and some push-ups.

Warm-up: 8-10 min Row

  • 3×10 BB Bench Press SS 3×15 DB Flat Bench Flyes
  • 3×10 BB Incline Bench Press SS 3×15 DB Incline Bench Flyes
  • 4×10 Seated DB Shoulder Press SS 4×10 Reverse Pec Dec Machine
  • 3×12 DB Front Raise SS 3×12 DB Lateral Raise

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