Intermediate Workout #2

Posted on: February 12, 2018 at 12:52 am ∙ Tags: , , , , , , ,

My friends, here are the intermediate workouts for the next 2 weeks! These definitely upped in difficulty, but the variety makes this routine fun. I also included some of my old favorite workouts/combos in here. This one is also a 5-day split, working all muscles of the body. The routine is slightly different though. On […]

Beginner Workout #2

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Hey guys! Here’s a new set of workouts for weeks 3 & 4. Hopefully, you’ve found these helpful :). These are workouts that I’ve personally tried many years ago and still believe in them. Like the first routine, this one is composed of five days, but the last day is not as “optional” and much […]

Intermediate Workout #1

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As mentioned in the Beginner Workout #1 post, I will posting workout routines dedicated to different levels of fitness (beginner, intermediate, advanced). In this post, you’ll find the intermediate one, which is composed of a five day split. And once again, these workouts can be done by both men and women. The differences between the […]

Beginner Workout #1

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When I first started LuluFlex, I used to post beginner, intermediate and advanced weekly workouts. I realized I never transferred all those workouts from the WordPress site to this one. I am frequently asked for sample workouts—whether it’s how to split up the days, what kind of exercises to do and how many reps. Thankfully, […]

The Typical Combo

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This workout works the chest and triceps. I like to call it “the typical combo” particularly because triceps assisting muscle group when working the chest. The warm-up is basic and the goal is to simply get a good sweat. Warm-up: 10 minute jog or 1 fast mile and a few push-ups Workout: 4×8-10 Regular Grip BB […]

Superset Craze

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This is an awesome chest & shoulder workout. It burns like crazy! Do weight that is heavy but doable for the amount of reps involved (leave your ego at the door :P). It ends up being a great 1 hour workout. As a warm up, I listed an 8-10 minute row, which will help warm-up the upper body. […]