Intermediate Workout #2

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My friends, here are the intermediate workouts for the next 2 weeks! These definitely upped in difficulty, but the variety makes this routine fun. I also included some of my old favorite workouts/combos in here. This one is also a 5-day split, working all muscles of the body. The routine is slightly different though. On […]

Beginner Workout #2

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Hey guys! Here’s a new set of workouts for weeks 3 & 4. Hopefully, you’ve found these helpful :). These are workouts that I’ve personally tried many years ago and still believe in them. Like the first routine, this one is composed of five days, but the last day is not as “optional” and much […]

Intermediate Workout #1

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As mentioned in the Beginner Workout #1 post, I will posting workout routines dedicated to different levels of fitness (beginner, intermediate, advanced). In this post, you’ll find the intermediate one, which is composed of a five day split. And once again, these workouts can be done by both men and women. The differences between the […]

Beginner Workout #1

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When I first started LuluFlex, I used to post beginner, intermediate and advanced weekly workouts. I realized I never transferred all those workouts from the WordPress site to this one. I am frequently asked for sample workouts—whether it’s how to split up the days, what kind of exercises to do and how many reps. Thankfully, […]

Leg Destruction

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Well, hello my fellow LuluFlexers! Yesterday, was LEG DAY. It wasn’t a typical leg day though. It felt like it was never ending, and it had me huffin’ and puffin’ the entire time. The goal of the workout was to complete 1000 reps of any of the three exercises listed below. The order of the exercises and the […]


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Q&H = Quadriceps & Hamstrings! I really like this workout because I feel like I am working the quads and hammies equally by incorporating exercises that emphasize one muscle group a little more than the other. This workout alternates quad and hamstring exercises as best as possible. The warm-up, like others on leg day, involves […]

Power Legs

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This workout focuses on legs, and it involves some explosive plyometrics. It’s a short workout, but you will likely be soaked by the end of it. The warm-up involves sprint intervals, which will really help warm-up the legs for these type of exercises. Dynamic stretching on leg days, particularly, is crucial in order to avoid […]

Back It Up

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This workout focuses on the hamstring & gluteus muscles! The key to growing these muscles is to execute exercises slowly and with maximum contraction. So add weight wisely! Warm up for about 10-15 minutes with dynamic movements and stretches. Workout: 4×15 BB Stiff Leg Deadlifts 4×12 (each leg) DB Step-ups 4×15 BB Good Mornings 4×12 (each […]

Football Player

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Here’s an intense medium-advanced workout that involves some of the most crucial leg exercises. I did this workout quite a few times (~20 times) and would really enjoy it because I would go really heavy. From experience, I feel that this workout truly focuses on leg growth. I call it “Football Player” because it’s very similar to an actual football player’s leg […]

Killer Leggy/Booty Day!

Posted on: August 16, 2014 at 4:00 am ∙ Tags: ,

So yesterday, I did an awesome leg/gluteus workout that left me quite sore and with abs showing even right after downing about 30 grams of protein and a big salad lol. It was so intense my clothes were so soaked after the workout. Mind you, I ran 1.5 miles before the workout just to get to […]