LuluFlex is Back

Posted on: February 5, 2017 at 8:33 pm ∙ Tags: , ,

Hi y’all! As you may have noticed, LuluFlex was not updated for a looong time. Literally for a year, I was jumping around from city to city, gym to gym, etc. My life was quite inconsistent, and I did not have a particular health routine—I just made it work. When I moved to the Bay Area, […]

My First Two Weeks at Intel

Posted on: August 15, 2014 at 1:33 am ∙ Tags:

Like I mentioned before, I recently graduated from MIT in June, and it was quite the journey! Thankfully, I graduated with a job set up at Intel, in Chandler, AZ, as a Process Engineer. And today marks the end of my first two weeks at the job! It’s been quite the change. I will start with […]